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Marketing is about making connections--connections between you and your business and other people. As a life-long networker, it's my goal to help you understand how those connections affect your business brand and how you can use this basic concept to your advantage. 

Meet the Marketing Maven! Nancy has been combining her love of adventure travel, sailing, marketing and culture for most of her life. With her Master's Degree in Social Psychology/Organizational Development and Personal Transformation, she inspires clients to change perceptions and embrace personal power so that they can exceed their business goals. Nancy's engaging & adventuresome personality, along with her sense of humor and passion for life in Sonoma County, helps clients make marketing more effective, and fun!

Nancy recently launched her newest endeavor: Women's Cannabis Business Development along with some very talented women entrepreneurs in this rapidly growing industry. As the Executive Director, Nancy is building this educational organization in Sonoma County. It's mission: to help women (and men) grow their businesses and THRIVE! Go to women' for more information

Keeping a toe in the water is paramount for this seasoned sailor! Birnbaum has been writing her Tech & Gear column for Yachting Times Magazine since it's inception in 2011. The Nation's first bi-lingual boating magazine , YTM is full of great stories and is a beautiful "saloon-table" publication. 


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Nancy Birnbaum

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Everyone has a personality. It's my job to identify your business personality and integrate that with your individual style. Then we can create a realistic, effective marketing plan that truly reflects your uniqueness and speaks to your ideal customer. 


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